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Escorts in Newark, North Jersey

  1. New Jersey Escorts
    973-409-3399 Newark, North Jersey escort review.


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Recent Reviews

  1. unionfare77
    Okay, I don't really know where to put this, so I am just gonna leave it here. I had been seeing Helen's ad for a while. We had called and texted back and forth and I was tempted but unsure. Her rate is higher than most and I was skeptical and held off for a while because of it. She wanted $500 for a couple of hours.... It was a bit high for me, but I guess it is understandable considering her caliber. A bad weekend prompted me to contact her again and I am sure as hell glad I did. I figured I would take my chances at the girl-casino again, this time it produced winning results... I tell you I have been collecting some serious interest down there ole sperm bank down stairs for the last couple of weeks, and have been needing to make a serious deposit for a long time.. Needless to say, and judging by my excitement levels, I am sure you can pretty much guess what happens next...

    She hosted at her upscale apartment in the Newark area. She is beautiful in person and very very sexy and youthful looking. She is the type of material that really gets me hard these days since I'll be pushing 58 this coming summer. I am in to younger women around the year or 2 after high School / College age... Alright, so we started with DFK and she is a very good kisser. Immediately, I knew she would really be getting into it with me as time progressed. Yes! Yes! I was screaming in my head. Mr. Pickle is gonna be throwing up some happy milk tonight. Took care of the gift and the clothes quickly came off. Damn, she was fast at getting started... She is pale white and thin, with beautiful, natural and youthful, totally hot stuff.. no weird markings on her body or anything. She had classy sexy lingerie on. God damn! I've only seen mature women wearing things like this... A perfect body 21 year old pure blonde bombshell in a black and golden trim bodystocking. My worries all went away, except for if I would pop off too soon... She started working on me with a nice BBJ and her skills are out of this world. Alternating fast and slow, tongue in all the right places, just shy of porn star quality. I could have done this all night! She gave me a dirty, innocent look as she bounced my cock on her tongue and I couldn’t wait anymore. Put on the cover and she mounted me. She felt so good I had to get her to slow down. Flipped her over so I was on top and pumped deep inside. She felt me getting ready to bust and said "Oh yea big boy.... let it out..." And yes... it wasn't long before I came my nuts off in that cover. I think she gave me what I have been missing for a long time.... a nice massive, long-awaited cumshot in a young hot blonde pussy... I tell you, that will reincarnate you... and make you born again! Wooh! Well, we layed there fore a while, in bliss and soon enough we were kissing and groping and at it again. This time in doggy, she put her face down on the bed and ass in the air and I used her hips to hold on. I drove into her until I couldn't take it and we collapsed. Wow. Helen and I hit it off. Some of the most fun I have had in this hobby...
  2. dweebweeb
    Seen Helen twice and she always delivers. This time she Answered door in underwear and quickly stripped down and asked me to join her. Before I knew it I was on my back and she was sucking away, she focuses on the head and strokes the boy with her finger nails softly. She really knows what she’s doing, after a couple minutes she covered me up and jumped own CG. Very very tight I had to concentrate hard not to explode.

    She rode like a champ and I blew. She asked if I’d like to reload but I was in a hurry. Honestly I would have taken her up on it but she is a smoker and the smoke reminance in the room made my head hurt. But she is well worth the effort to power thru that.